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Wood of La Maddalena - Fiaiano: the path of the pine forests

In Programma: Lun 18 Maggio 2015 alle Ore 09:30 - Fino alle Ore 15:00

Going around trails, green week of the island of Ischia
Third edition. From 18/05 to 24/05/2015.
A week full of events to disocver the oldest traditions.

Duration: 4 h
Difficulty: T / E
Drop in ascent: 150 m
Drop in descent: 200 m
Maximum altitude: 265 m
Development of the run: 7 Km
Departure: Casamicciola, from the thermal park Castiglione  at 9.30am
Arrival: Fiaiano
Run: Wood of La Maddalena, Monte Rotaro, Fondo Ferraro, Pinewood of Fiaiano.
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.

Description of the run
The excursion begins from one of the best preserved volcanic complex of the island. Starting from the Wood of La Maddalena in Casamicciola Terme, which stands on a volcanic dome, we’ll reach the border between the Montagnone covered with wild Mediterranean bush and Monte Rotaro, reign of a thick pine forest. Going across the top of the crater, and admiring the bottom, we’ll go up to a series of  active"fumaroles" , proof, with the thermal springs, of the vitality of the island. There, among the variegated flora, there’s  the rare species Cyperus polystachyus (fumaroles’ papyrus), species not endemic, but that has found in some areas of this island a microhabitat favorable for its growth. We’ll go then  to the Volcano "Fondo Ferraro" to get to the small town of Fiaiano and then dive into the green Pine forest, which stands on the flow of the Arso Crater (the last eruption of the island in 1301). The run ends going back to the Port of Ischia.

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