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Villa Arbusto Museum

Corso Angelo Rizzoli, 194, 80076 Lacco Ameno NA, Italia (

villa arbustoVilla Arbusto, so called by the location toponym since ‘600, is situated in a charming panoramic position on the hill square of S. Restituta, in front of the promontory of Monte Vico, the site of the acropolis Pithecusae, while just a short walk from the park, the VIII c. B.C. metallurgic quartier is set, loc. Mazzola. The manor farm of Arbusto was built in 1785 by Don Carlo Acquaviva, Duke of Atri of high birth, who built a country Casino, the actual villa with wide garden at the back, where a small building for guests was set with a chapel and a ‘stove’ for a therapeutical use thanks to the nearby fumaroles, a cistern and a pool which flews the fountain basin. The museum hosts archeological finds of rare beauty and importance the famous Nestor’s cup, for example.

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