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Walking along Pathways 2017 - Serrara-S.Angelo-Succhivo

From Thu 11 May 2017 alle Ore 15:30 until alle Ore 19:30
Categories: Guided excursions
Hits: 2421
Duration: 4 h
Difficulty: T
Drop: 350 m
Maximum altitude: 100 m
Development of the run: 4 km
Departure: Municipality of Serrara (Observatory) at 3.30pm
Arrival: Succhivo
Run: Serrara Fontana Centre, stairs of Sant'Angelo, Fumarole, Sant'Angelo, Succhivo
Equipment: Trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Description of the Run:
The route winds through the ancient mule tracks of Serrara, Sant'Angelo, Succhivo and Panza. Until a few decades ago, it was still possible to meet dozens of donkeys and mules returning to the "Mer and Copp" stables (the traditional name of Serrara - and in general of the island's mountain side - from the Greek "méros "= Part and, from the Neapolitan dialect" n'copp "= above, top). Departure from the beautiful Serrara square delimited by the eighteenth-century Palazzo Iacono and the church of S.Maria del Carmine. Serrara's belvedere is certainly one of the most scenic on the island and can offer a wonderful view of the Sorrento peninsula, the Lattari Mountains and the island of Capri. From here you can also see the village of Sant'Angelo, the volcanic duomo of the same name and the Succhivo plain, a geological structure bordered by faults and rich in thermal waters. The route begins from the medieval lane passing through the town but after a while it opens up offering a wonderful view. At this point begins the descent on a comfortable stairway that literally cuts the rock and is immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation of the area. From here you can observe the crater "Cava Petrella", a deep swallowtail originated by two volcanic events distinct and well recognizable by the rocky layers present. The trail continues to the top of the village of Sant'Angelo, in a place called Mer 'Sarak in memory of a legend linked to the raids of the Moorish pirates. You arrive near the beach of the Maronti, in the "fumarole" area, where the sand reaches temperatures of about 100 ° C. Here, take off your shoes and roll up your pants, you will climb the characteristic "Taxi Boat" that will transfer you to the quaint and fascinating village of Sant'Angelo, pedestrian island where time seems to spend more slowly following the typical relaxed rhythms of the islands Of the Mediterranean. Following the ancient mule track begins the climb leading to the point of arrival of the promenade: Succhivo. In this small hamlet, surrounded by vineyards and citrus groves, you will stop in one of the typical cellars for a taste of typical products.