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Walking along Pathways 2017 - Bracconiere-Pietra dell'Acqua-vetta-Miscillo

From Fri 12 May 2017 alle Ore 18:00 until alle Ore 22:00
Categories: Guided excursions
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Duration: 3 h
Difficulty: E
Drop in ascent: 400 m
Maximum altitude: 789 m
Development of the run: 7 km
Departure: Serrara (The Bracconiere Restaurant) at 6.00 pm
Arrival: Fontana (square)
Run: Serrara, Wood of Frassitelli, Punta dell’Acqua, Epomeo Mount (Punta San Nicola) , Fontana
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.

Description of the run
The route starts near the restaurant Bracconiere in Serrara where, through a wild  and fascinating scenery on the west side of the island, we’ll reach the wood of Frassitelli, a terrace of dense acacia trees. In the forest, robinias shade rocks covered by moss, lichens, and wild fennel. The undergrowth, is the realm of wild rabbits that have played and plays a key role in the local cuisine. Arrived at a stone arch,  that let your imagination  travelling into space and time, the route goes steeply uphill until we’ll reach a dirt road  that leads to Pietra dell’Acqua (huge rock of tuff that serves as a tank, and gives the name to this place). We’ll then reach the crest of the Epomeo Mount, and  go up to the highest peak of the island, Punta San Nicola, where there is a hermitage dug in 'huge mass of green tuff, which is the summit itself. From this point through an old cattle track graved into the rock, that becomes a mule track, going through a chestnut wood, we’ll begin the descent to go to the square of Fontana.