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Walking along Pathways 2017 - Fiaiano-Piano S.Paolo-Vetta-Miscillo

From Sun 14 May 2017 alle Ore 10:00 until alle Ore 16:00
Categories: Guided excursions
Hits: 1479
Duration: about 6 hours
Difficulty: E
Drop in ascent: 600 m
Maximum altitude: 789 m
Development of the run: 8 km
Departure: Fiaiano (near the Aragona riding stables) 9.30am
Arrival: Mount Epomeo (Punta San Nicola)
Run: Sorgente di Buceto Piano San Paolo, Toccaneto, Punta San Nicola
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Description of run
Starting from horse riding in Fiaiano and climbing Monte Toppo, a volcanic cathedral covered by an intense green sea typical of this island side and showing a great floristic richness. On the path that goes back to the valley of Buceto, where the homonymous source is present, the first section is accompanied by the remains of the old aqueduct that watered the water from the source and carried it to the village of Gelsa (today Ischia Ponte). Due to the strong exposure of this first stretch, the predominant vegetation is typical of Mediterranean scrub, where the fragrant myrtle essences are enriched with the aromas of wild goat and thyme. Then you enter a chestnut wood on the slopes of Monte Trippodi (502 m), until you reach Piano San Paolo, an old fossil beach, witnessing the submerged past of a part of the island. The path continues to the military source of Buceto and begins ascension, through the flora explosions, which will lead to the crest of Mount Epomeo, to reach the highest peak of the island, Punta San Nicola, where there is a hermit excavated in 'Huge mass of green tuff that forms the top itself. The excursion ends with the descent to Fontana and the stop for lunch and the party at Muscillo.