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Walking along Pathways 2017 - Vatoliere-Campagnano

In Programma: Gio 11 Maggio 2017 alle Ore 10:00 - Fino alle Ore 14:00
Visite: 1546
Duration: 4 h
Difficulty: E
Drop: 290 m
Maximum altitude: 392 m
Development of the run: 7.5 km
Departure: Vatoliere, section of Barano at 9.30am
Arrival: Campagnano (square)
Run: Votliere, Scarrupata Barano, Monte Vezzi, Piano Liguori, Campagnano.
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Description of the Run:
Path on the south / east side of the island, the oldest from a geological point of view.
The path starts around the crater "Vatoliere" direction "Madonna Montevergine. We’ll continue through a fraught but fascinating path, the "Scarrupata Barano" whose walls show beautiful examples of stratified volcanic materials (tuff, pumice, lapilli, white ashes, trachytic rock) and once on the promontory among vineyards, maquis and  chestnuts, we’ll climb on Mount Vezzi, a volcanic dome of 392 m. The descent from the top towards Piano Liguori will offer a beautiful view of Punta San Pancrazio (156 m) with the characteristic church overlooking the sea. On the way we’ll see old cellars dug into the rock, embedded into the terraces of the area, in front of the beautiful scenery of the open sea and the other islands of the Gulf (Procida, Vivara and Capri) and the Amalfi Coast. We’ll go on through an easy path overhanging various creeks in which converge steep terraces planted with vineyards. We’ll go among these vineyards and along the beautiful Bay of Cartaromana on the bottom of which you can still admire the remains of  "AENARIA", the old submerged Roman Ischia. Finally, the excursion ends going to Campagnano. It’s certainly an excursion that allows the balance of mind and soul with the body.

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