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Walking along Pathways 2017 - Panza: History and nature

In Programma: Ven 12 Maggio 2017 alle Ore 15:30 - Fino alle Ore 18:30
Visite: 1522
Duration: about 4 hours
Difficulty: T / E
Drop in ascent: 100 m
Drop in descent: 100 m
Maximum altitude: 200 m
Development of the run: 4 km
Departure: Panza (Panza seat of the Pro Loco) 3.30pm
Arrival: Panza (Panza seat of the Pro Loco)
Run: Panza (Panza seat of the Pro Loco), the center of Panza, Sorgeto, Bay of Pelara, Monte Panza, Panza (Cenerentola’s parking)
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Description of run
Departure from the seat of Panza’s pro Loco, we’ll start from a street that runs into the center of the hamlet, then a path passing through a dense grove of holm oaks and heathers, at the top of the Bay of Pelara, valuable geological site, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view; The descent is introduced by a steep flight of steps with wooden steps carved into the tuff which lead to a wall stratified of pumice, ash and lapilli. From here the path winds through a lush grove of oak trees, but we’ll also find typical species of the maquis: the heathers, the strawberry trees and mastic trees. Beyond the clearing,  rustic stairs, built by volunteers of Panza’s Pro Loco, let you reach easily the coast and the sea. Going up once again, we’ll have the essences and the colors of the plants that grow in the bay and we’ll walk towards the peak of Monte di Panza, where the eye is rapt by the immensity of the sea. A wonderful place where you’ll be inclined to meditate, and you’ll feel  a psychophysical balance. In addition to the typical coastal vegetation, we’ll find the particularly interesting orchid Serapis.
Going back, we’ll reach a viewpoint overlooking the Bay of Sorgeto. After a series of geological/naturalistic observations of the area, we’ll go down to talk about the phenomenon of hot waters, typical of the area, and we’ll enjoy its beneficial effects. This is an interesting excursion from a historical-naturalistic perspective, but especially from the emotional perspective.

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