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Walking along Pathways 2017 - Monte corvo: in the mouth of tifeo

In Programma: Sab 13 Maggio 2017 alle Ore 16:00 - Fino alle Ore 20:00
Visite: 1435
Duration: 4 h
Difficulty: T / E
Drop in ascent:
Drop in descent:
Maximum altitude:
Development of the run:
Departure: Panza (Seat of the Pro Loco) at 4.00pm
Arrival: Panza (Seat of the Pro Loco)
Path: Panza (Panza seat of the Pro Loco), Arimei Gardens, Monte Corvo, fumaroles of Monte Corvo, Panza (seat of the Pro Loco)
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Description of the Run:
Departure from the seat of the Pro Loco of Panza, we’ll strat from a street that runs through the center of the village and we’ll go towards the top: Monte Corvo. The stretch is full of signs that attest the traditions of the place: stone houses, parracine, ancient water cisterns dug into the soft tuff rock, vineyards. The rock is definitely the most important element that characterizes this area: it’s the witness of a tumultuous past. The large tuff stones rolled from the Epomeo Mount have been renamed by the peasants: Pietra Brox, Pizzo del Merlo, Pietra Martone. Going up we’ll see a path completely surrounded by the wild maquis (holm oaks, mastic trees, heathers, myrtles and herbs). After a while, the climb becomes steeper and the ground warmer: the Mediterranean underbrush ends, and  a more exotic vegetation appears (prickly pears, agaves), until you meet the myth of  Ischia island "Typhon", which lies in the bowels of the island and whose tears flow into the thermal waters. In Monte Corvo, those tears have turned into aqueous vapor. We’ll return going though the village of Monte Corvo, where you can still find traces of the old settlement built in large tuffaceous boulders  in a perfect synergy between natural and human elements.

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