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Actus Tragicus the Passion of Christ 2023

Fri 07 April Ore 20:00 - Ore 23:00
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The Passion of Christ, the central event around which the entire artistic-cultural schedule of Easter on the island revolves.
It is with great pleasure and pride that the Actus Tragicus Association is exultant in presenting Good Friday 07 April 2023 the artistic event for which it was born.

The places of the Passion are those that surround the heart of Forio, from the area of the piazzale dei Marinai d'Italia passing through the iconic docking port of the town, up to the piazzale del Soccorso, the undisputed symbol not only of Forio but of the entire island of Ischia.

The sacred representation of "The Passion of the Christ" 2023 edition will begin in Piazza Cristoforo Colombo with the Baptism. Then it moves towards the small fishermen's beach, in front of the town hall; then moving to Piazzale Marinai D'Italia where three scenes called: "Last Supper", "Orto Degli Ulivi" and "Sanhedrin" will take place on set up stages. Then walking along Via Giacomo Genovino you will reach Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo, where the scenes "Praetorium of Pilate", "Palace of Herod" and "Flogging" will take place.

From here we will move to Piazza Luca Balsofiore where the Via Crucis will begin, and then along Corso Francesco Regine, Via San Francesco and Via Soccorso, which will be the Via del Calvario, until we reach Piazzale Papa San Giovanni Paolo II ( ex Piazza Soccorso) where on another stage set up the sacred representation will end with the scene of the "Crucifixion". The "Deposition" will take place in the churchyard of the splendid Soccorso church.