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Municipality of Ischia

Indirizzo Via Iasolino, 1, 80077 Ischia NA, Italia

castello aragoneseThe municipality of Ischia extends along the north-eastern coast of the island. The city is the capital of the island of Ischia and the main center with about 17,000 inhabitants. The surface of the town is about 9 square kilometers. The average altitude is 70 meters. The territory is divided into two main areas: Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte (where is located the famous Castello Aragonese). Several names are tied to the island: the Greeks called it Pithecussae, which can mean either land of the Apes (according to the myth of the inhabitants transformed into monkeys by Heracles) that manufactures clay (Pythos) that were realized on the island. The Latins called Aenaria, which could be identified either with "monkeys" that with Aeneas (who landed here with his fleet). The most likely hypothesis is that which indicates that the term derives from the Latin insula, which then becomes Iscla ... to become Ischia.


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